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Ask The Expert

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Spring is here and it’s that time of year when everyone is jumping on the ‘get in shape for summer’ bandwagon and reeling in their diets to lose that extra winter insulation in time for the glorious beach days ahead.

This is my busy season for clientele. I am inundated with many requests for ‘quick tips’ to get in shape for the summer by people who are not getting results with their current diet and exercise regimes. Bottom line, if you’re being diligent in following your nutrition program and exercise plan and not getting results you want then something needs change! Many of you are bogged down because, while you have a ton of information on nutrition, you don’t know which advice is good, and which bad! It needn’t be so difficult!

It can be confusing! The dietary options alone are overwhelming: low carb diets, paleo diets, periodic fasting diets, cheat days, vegetarian, raw food diets, hcg diets, cleanses and on and on it goes. Many of you spend hours scouring the internet seeking the latest trendy diet, talking to trainers with little or no training in nutrition, copying diets you’ve seen in a magazine or on TV, or throwing money at the latest gimmicky supplement promising unrealistic results. It’s not easy to wade through the available information, to pick the solid advice and throw out the twaddle, and then figure out how to put it all together in a winning formula, that will work well for YOU. One size does NOT fit all!!

So many clients ‘want to try it on my own’ before seeking out the help of a professional. I understand why! We all have many other commitments and obligations. Putting health and wellness first, especially when it involves breaking out the cheque book, is rarely our first course of action. But you deserve to put yourself first and live a healthy and happy life geared for longevity. Looking great while doing so is simply the added bonus!

As part of my regular services, I offer online Consultations to all potential new clients. This 90 minute consultation is comprehensive and individualized. It includes diet and lifestyle analysis, physique evaluation, goal setting and limitations, a complete medical history review, a look into your tried and tested pattern, and what has or hasn’t worked for you. We take an in-depth look at your exercise and medical history and how that will affect achieving your goals. We also take a good look at either your current regimen, or your planned course if you were to go it alone.

At this time I will try as best I can to answer your basic questions, and steer you in the right direction. I will let you know if you’re on the right track or heading for failure, and I will offer the rationale for my conclusions. I will explain to you about my programs, how they and why they work, if that’s something you wish to explore. There’s absolutely NO obligation! If at the end of our session you feel better equipped to go it alone then I have succeeded in my goal, which is to educate people to better understand how to lead a healthy life through proper nutrition.